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Erica is a Fearless Speaker, mother, professional Actor for over 20 years, business owner, coach, and teaching artist I’m dedicated to delivering high quality creative communication solutions, along with artistic and educational programming uniquely crafted to inspire fearless speaking and compassionate honest communication.
Most recently Erica has sharing the Speaking Fearlessly program with individuals, private groups, schools, and businesses throughout the tri-state area.

Right now you are realizing that

Speaking Fearlessly is your birthright.



A unique opportunity for actors of all ages and experience levels to work with a working, classically trained professional. My motto. “If we don’t believe you, who cares what technique you use? My goal is to guide actors toward interesting and authentic choices that get them the results they desire.

Erica Bradshaw


Fear of public speaking is thought to be one of top most terrifying  fears among people around the world. And according to the National Institute of Mental Health social phobia including fear of public speaking affects about 15 million American adults! 
However, simply by choosing to embark on the work of Speaking  Fearlessly you overcome your fear right now and separate from the millions of people who struggle with effective communication publicly and privately. Of course there is work to do and you are committing with each moment to do that work. To unveil your truth and communicate with the world effectively, clearly and concisely your truth and the truth of wh
o you are.